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The Future of the HVAC/R Industry in 2023

The Future of the HVAC/R Industry in 2023

With the industry of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigerants (HVAC/R) in steady demand across the country, there’s no better time than the start of the year to look at what’s coming ahead for this line of work.

What’s new in the HVAC/R industry?

Energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as constant innovation, have been key factors in this industry for years, and continue to ring true in 2023. With the increase in Smart HVAC/R technology, the movement toward the reduction of electricity usage and carbon footprints is expected to become more popular among homeowners. Additionally, as temperatures have increased, the demand for air conditioning in particular is higher than ever – with an expectation that it will triple globally by 2050.

What does the HVAC/R job market look like?

As the demand increases for these energy efficient solutions, the need for skilled HVAC/R technicians has grown as well. Over the last ten years, the HVAC/R job market has increased by approximately 13.6%, with an additional 8% jump expected by 2030.

Curious as to what you can make with a career in HVAC/R? Salaries in these roles range from approximately $37,000 – $74,000/year, with the average salary falling around $20.29/hour and $49,535/year in the U.S.

How can NTI help you with your career in HVAC/R?

NTI offers a program in HVAC/R, where you will be trained in the skills necessary to be an HVAC/R technician by our instructors who are professionals in the industry. Through this program, our students are trained for the National Oil-heat Research Alliance (NORA), EPA 608, and Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) Certifications.

Our HVAC/R program is offered at our Scarborough and Bangor campuses

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