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More Flexibility To Work Around Your Busy Schedule

Our hybrid learning system, otherwise known as online learning, is built for more flexibility and more options to get you on the way to a new career. Hybrid Learning is available for all of our Career Training Programs.

Learn Online With Our Hybrid Learning System

Hybrid Learning allows for a portion of traditional learning activities to be done off-campus and online. Therefore, students can learn at home, in a library, in a coffee shop, or wherever they decide. You can choose the location that is convenient for you.

Less classroom time also means more flexibility. But, one of the strengths of Northeast Technical Institute is our instructors. They’re still here for you. You’ll still complete the hands-on portion of your studies in the classroom.

Hybrid Learning blends the best elements of in-class teaching with the convenience of off-campus learning and promotes active independent learning. At other schools, you may not have that choice. It’s the best of both worlds.

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