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Office of Student Services

Student Services is here to help you meet your goals.

From the moment you enroll at NTI, our student services staff are ready to offer help as you start your education and a new career. To clarify, student services offers the following:

Career Preparation

You'll receive career advising from our job development team. This is done throughout your education, and after graduation.

Student Orientation & Tours

NTI offers new-student orientation sessions before the start of each program. Prospective students and their families are also invited to tour the campus.

Financial AId

Learn more about grants, scholarships, and student loans. Because NTI is committed to limiting barriers to education.

School Catalog

The NTI school catalog contains important information about the school and student life.

Academic Tutoring

Tutoring is free for students who need assistance. And tutoring is available through scheduling with faculty.

Student Transcripts & Records

Request a copy of your student transcripts for a small fee. Additionally, you can have your transcript sent to the institution of your choice.

Assistance Following Graduation

As an NTI grad, you'll have lifelong access to all of the services listed above. Not to mention you'll always have help finding a job.

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