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Student Testimonials

The start of the program was very accepting. I’m usually nervous to start new journeys, but NTI was very helpful and was very hands-on and engaging. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get out there and get true hands-on learning without the pain of dealing with classes and stuff you don’t need to... more

Brandon Beadnell Image

Brandon Beadnell

NTI was amazing! I was looking to get my foot into the door of a healthcare career after years of retail. I chose NTI because they had the best options for night classes and the program flew by pretty fast. I was able to find a position pretty quickly as well at the hospital. more

Cassy Billings Image

Cassy Billings

NTI was a game-changer for me. I was given the support I needed to accomplish my goals. The teachers made every class easy to understand. And my advisor always made sure to check in with me. Thank you NTI! more

Kristi Strout Image

Kristi Strout

NTI was a great place to learn. I tried the College scene but it just wasn’t for me. NTI offered the flexibility I was looking for whilst still working full time. The course load is fair and the teachers are amazing. I never had a question they couldn’t answer! more

Sabryna Collins Hall Image

Sabryna Collins Hall

I am currently almost halfway through my time at NTI. I can say that it really is a good place to learn and the instructors really go out of their way to help you. If you try and apply yourself I'm sure it will work out for you. more

Trevor Burgess Image

Trevor Burgess

My classes were very informative. Interactive learning was very beneficial. Teachers were very understanding of the individual needs of each student as an individual helping them be part of a group learning environment. Would recommend NTI for this field of work. more

Alex Permenter Image

Alex Permenter

I am happy I chose NTI for getting my CDL-A instruction. Instructors are very real and knowledgeable. more

Craig Ellice Image

Craig Ellice

I have really enjoyed my classes for Medical Billing and Coding. My instructors and all staff members have been a great influence on me. I am anxious to finish up and move forward in my new career as a Medical Biller and Coder. I am also looking forward to my Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Thank... more

Nancy Hart Paczesny Image

Nancy Hart Paczesny

The staff and teachers are friendly and easy to talk to. Anytime I have a question if one person can't answer the question, they find the person that can. It's been a great experience so far, looking forward to graduation. more

Jennifer Anderson Image

Jennifer Anderson