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Student Testimonials

Matthew Noyes

My time at NTI has been an experience that I will not soon forget. The staff are all willing to help and the content is very helpful with continuing my career in the medical field. I enjoyed the opportunity and would recommend anyone who wants to begin a career in the medical field to attend NTI.

Bob Smith

The best part of the program at NTI is the support offered by the staff and fellow students. Instructors can make all the difference when you are struggling with time management or a particular subject. I would recommend NTI over any online only program of study.


Brandon Beadnell

The start of the program was very accepting. I’m usually nervous to start new journeys, but NTI was very helpful and was very hands-on and engaging. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get out there and get true hands-on learning without the pain of dealing with classes and stuff you don’t need to worry about. Very happy with all the instructors (especially Eric, you will never meet a teacher like him!). Thank you NTI. I’m on my way to accomplishing great things


Cassy Billings

NTI was amazing! I was looking to get my foot into the door of a healthcare career after years of retail. I chose NTI because they had the best options for night classes and the program flew by pretty fast. I was able to find a position pretty quickly as well at the hospital.


Kristi Strout

NTI was a game-changer for me. I was given the support I needed to accomplish my goals. The teachers made every class easy to understand. And my advisor always made sure to check in with me. Thank you NTI!


Sabryna Collins Hall

NTI was a great place to learn. I tried the College scene but it just wasn’t for me. NTI offered the flexibility I was looking for whilst still working full time. The course load is fair and the teachers are amazing. I never had a question they couldn’t answer!

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