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Krystal Chiasson

How was I going to have time to work enough to cover everything and go to school? This was terrifying and it often held me back. I just didn’t know where to start. At first, I was hesitant because I thought: “Could this really be for me?” I stopped worrying about “what if”, and just pursued. I was very impressed when they informed me that NTI allows you to have a flex schedule. I would be able to keep my job while going to school. The classes were informational, easy to follow, and always rewarding. I truly feel that NTI prepared me with skills I could use to succeed. Utilizing all the skills that NTI has taught me, enabled me to follow through after my interview, and I was offered a position. I accepted and am proud to say I am currently a Clinical Medical Assistant to amazing providers and staff at Intermed Internal Medicine in Portland. Thanks to NTI and my family I am more confident. I am more educated. And, I am happy in my career that will continue to reward me for a lifetime.

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