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Below Freezing Temps & Your Tires

Did You Know…Your Tires Can Freeze?

Whenever the weather dips below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, there is the possibility that your tires can freeze to the ground below them. Extreme temperatures can also cause extensive damage to your tires, so it’s imperative to keep an eye on your vehicle – be it a car or a tractor trailer truck – throughout the colder months.

What causes tires to freeze?

When temperatures drop, the moisture in the ground can freeze, fusing with the rubber of the tires. Additionally, older tires are likely to expand and crack, which allows moisture to get into the tire itself, and makes it more susceptible to freezing.

Colder temperatures also cause a drop in tire air pressure, which in turn causes the flattening of the tire. This makes it easier and more likely for a tire to freeze to another flat surface.

How can you prevent tires from freezing?

During more inclement weather, take the time to move your car, even the littlest bit. Cars that have been moved recently are less likely to freeze to the ground. If you’ve been traveling in the rain or through wet terrain, and know colder weather is on the way, it is sometimes beneficial to dry off your tires once parked, preventing the water that may have accumulated on your tires from freezing overnight.

Additional measures you can take include watching your tire pressure, parking indoors whenever possible, keeping an eye on your treads, or switching out for winter tires during the colder months.

How do you thaw your frozen tires?

The good news is that in most situations, the tires will become unstuck when you attempt to move the vehicle. In the instances, however, when this is not the case or when older tires are involved that may sustain damage from being frozen, the first thing to try is pouring warm (not hot) water over the tire.

This winter, be sure to be attentive to the treads and state of your tires to prevent any additional damage, and be mindful of when the temperatures are set to drop. Stay warm and drive safe!

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