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COVID-19 update: NTI re-opens in June, operates with an abundance of caution


As many of you are aware, NTI was granted approval to “re-open” in June and since then we’ve been hard at work adapting to the new normal.   Here’s an update on where we are today, along with some details on what we’ve been up to recently:

  • NTI is currently open to students on all three of our campuses, and we are able to deliver most of our courses in some combination of on-campus and remote method (i.e. hybrid).
  • NTI is operating with the support of, and within the guidelines set by, our governing bodies: Department of Economic and Community Development, Department of Education, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the Council on Occupational Education, and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention.
  • NTI re-opened in a phased approach, and following these guiding principles:
    • Safety First.  We will make every effort to mitigate risks to the safety and well-being of our campus community.
    • New Normal.  NTI has always placed a priority on in-person, hands-on training with individualized student services. While those principles won’t change, consideration will be given for returning to a reimagined way of continuing business as usual.
    • Flexibility.  We will continue to be flexible as health conditions, as well as state and federal guidance related to the virus, evolve.
    • Mission-Focused.  We will make decisions consistent with our mission as an institution and sustain the quality and accessibility of our academic programs and student support services while remaining nimble and adaptive.
  • In support of the re-opening and resumed student activity – at our campuses, in our virtual classrooms, in our labs and shops, in our training yards – NTI faculty and staff will continue to work in a combination of on-campus and off campus (remote) modes.

We still have a lot of work to do, like many small businesses and schools here in Maine and across the nation.   That said, we remain committed to our mission and will continue doing our best to stay safe, while staying flexible and supportive to our staff, students, and communities.

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