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Find Your “I” at NTI: A Career in Healthcare

“I want to help people…”
“I want to make a difference…”
“I want a rewarding career…”

If this sounds like you, then a career in Healthcare might be right up your alley. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for healthcare workers has greatly increased. If you’re considering a change in your career, and are interested in a job where you can help others, especially at a time where it’s needed the most, NTI would love to help you get on the right path. With courses starting frequently, NTI can get you enrolled, trained, and pointed in the right direction to your new career in less than a year.

If Healthcare is where you see your future, NTI offers three different paths:

Phlebotomy Technician:

The role of a Phlebotomy Technician is essentially to draw blood samples from patients and donors. They are also responsible for labelling the samples, and updating records as needed, logging all the essential patient/donor information.

NTI’s Phlebotomy program starts every 5 weeks and lasts for approximately 6 weeks. This program provides hands-on training with our team of instructors who are all professionals in the Healthcare field. It also provides our students with the essential training needed to pass the American Medical Technologist (AMT) exam.

Medical Billing & Coding

If being in front of patients isn’t quite your thing, Medical Billing and Coding (MBC) professionals are the people hard at work behind-the-scenes of the Healthcare field. These individuals create and asses patient records, determine the different kinds of services used, and then translate this information into the proper coding for insurance reimbursement. This, in turn, ensures that patients are receiving the right care and the right insurance coverage.

The MBC program at NTI starts every 3 weeks and lasts for approximately 33 weeks total. This program trains students on how to process treatment records and insurance information, while also processing insurance claims and codes, as well as the ins and outs of the appeals process.

Clinical Medical Assistant

The Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) route is the best option for those who are interested in working face-to-face with patients. CMAs are responsible for taking vital signs, drawing blood samples, handing out prescriptions, scheduling patients and filing records, as well as billing. This program also includes training in the legal aspects of healthcare, a rundown of medical terminology, the medical billing process, as well as anatomy and physiology.

NTI’s MBC program is a combination of classroom and lab instruction, and starts every 3 weeks, spanning over approximately 27 weeks total. As this job is incredibly hands-on, you’ll be trained by our team of professional instructors in fully-equipped labs at any of our three campus locations.

All of the above positions are in high demand as is, and this field is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years, so now is the time to get yourself trained! For more information, fill out our Request Information form or call us directly to set up an appointment with our Admissions Team today!

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