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Become a Skilled Sheet Metal Fabricator in Just 12 Weeks!

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Sheet metal workers make, install, and maintain air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, and pollution control duct systems; roofs; siding; rain gutters; downspouts; skylights; restaurant equipment; outdoor signs; and many other products made with metal sheets. They also may work with fiberglass and plastic materials. Although some workers specialize in fabrication, installation or maintenance, most do all three jobs.  Hands-On Instruction:  Our Lab portion of this program provides hands-on lab and lecture  training in the procedures and skills necessary to to work in a growing industry.

  • Full & Part Time Programs Available
  • Externship Opportunities  – Practical “On-the-Job” Experience after Graduation (optional)
  • Hands-On Training  and Job Placement Assistance!


NTI is TRAINING and New England Tech Air is HIRING our Graduates

“We are confident we can hire and steadily employ up to 75% of all successful graduates of NTI’s sheet metal program over the next 15 years.” Bob Lilly, Owner & President

If you or someone you know is interested and would like more information please contact Admissions 1-800-447-1151

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