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The Value of Your Classroom Time

A recent story on NPR’s Marketplace caught our ear as it noted that many high school students are disengaged in the classroom. A study by the Fordham Institute that measured student engagement revealed that 42% of high school students don’t see the value of the work they do in school. The story assumed that students were bored because of school size and the structure of the classes themselves. However, we analyzed their response differently.

As a career school, we often hear from students that they chose to enroll in Northeast Technical Institute because of the clear focus of our programs. All the time that our students spend in the classroom is directly related to their new career. At a two- or four-year school, students have additional course requirements that may not align with their end goal. Many Northeast Technical Institute students can graduate in six months because they do not spend additional hours in classes that are outside of their focus. We structure our programs based on the needs of employers and work directly with our students before they even graduate to help place them in a job. As the story states, “College isn’t the right path for all students.” We couldn’t agree more.

Give a listen to the story, and tell us what you think:

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