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Maine Career School launches ‘Paperless Initiative Project’

Bangor Daily News

Northeast Technical Institute Estimates Saving Over a Ton of Paper Usage Annually

In support of Earth Day on April 22, Northeast Technical Institute (NTI) has converted it’s admissions process and student files to paperless. The school began the conversion in the spring of 2013 to reduce its carbon footprint, improve efficiency and compliance, and reduce costs.

NTI is committed to eliminating almost all paper in its Admissions and Student Records departments with its document management system. The school estimates that it will be saving over 3000 pounds of paper each year through its paperless initiative project.

For example, during the admissions process, there are over 70 pages of documents given to the student upon enrollment, including a student catalog, agreements, and other federally required information. Now, all information is completed, signed electronically and the student file is data captured and stored on a cloud. A copy is provided to the student on a flash drive, eliminating all paper. And by the time that same student graduates from his or her program at NTI, there can be as many as 200 additional documents in a single student file. All student records are now stored safely and securely on NTI’s cloud based servers.

Once drowning in paper, NTI has emerged as a more nimble, efficient, and agile organization by implementing a powerful combination of intelligent data capture software as well as cloud and onsite data storage.

“The staff and students at both campuses are committed to reducing the volume of paper going into the waste stream. Not using paper at all in the first place is a positive step towards that goal. And the use of technology is the key to this solution! ” Jim Liponis, President of Northeast Technical Institute

Northeast Technical Institute is a career school with campuses in Bangor and Scarborough. They attract a diverse student base seeking training in highly employable fields in Allied Health, Commercial Drivers’ License, Information Technology and HVAC/R. The school offers job placement assistance, flexible scheduling, and federal financial aid for most programs and for those who qualify. For more information, go to

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