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Northeast Technical Institute Hosts Governor’s Advisor on Energy

Bangor, ME—On Monday, February 12, Jim LaBrecque, Governor LePage’s Advisor on Energy, visited Northeast Technical Institute in Bangor. Mr. LaBrecque met with HVAC/R students to discuss his vision for the industry and the opportunities available to them upon graduation.

Mr. LaBrecque first connected with Northeast Technical Institute five years ago through a meeting with Joe Mishou, an HVAC/R Instructor at Northeast Technical Institute in Bangor, and he was immediately impressed by Joe’s love of teaching and the program’s focus on teaching real-world scenarios.

“Northeast Technical Institute offers a fast-moving program that enables graduates of the program to enter the HVAC/R profession. Once in the field, the industry suddenly becomes a black hole of endless opportunities to learn and advance a major career,” said LaBrecque.

Meeting with current students, LaBrecque, who has a 45-year history in the HVAC/R field, detailed his vision for the future growth of the industry.

“In my opinion, the importance of refrigeration is only second to the invention of electricity,” said LeBrecque. “Today about 25% of all our electricity is use for refrigeration. Without refrigeration, we could not enjoy the standard of living the world of refrigeration provides us. Unlike most everything else in this world where you get out less than you put in, the laws of physics allow the refrigeration process to output more energy than it was supplied with. This fact will allow Maine to substantially reduce our dependency on oil while reducing CO2 and cost.”

Because of this, LaBreque knows that the graduates of the program will be well-positioned for long careers in the HVAC/R field.

Northeast Technical Institute offers both full- and half-time HVAC/R programs at its Bangor and Scarborough campuses. The program is designed to prepare students to pass the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) exam and to earn their Gas Certification through CETP (The Certified Employee Training Program). Upon completion of the program, Northeast Technical Institute works with students and numerous business partners to provide employment opportunities for graduates.

The next HVAC/R class starts in Bangor on February 26 and in Scarborough on May 14.

For more information, go to the HVAC/R program page or call 207.805.8000.

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