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Your Healthcare Job Outlook in 2019

Posted on January 8, 2019
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  • Your Healthcare Job Outlook in 2019

The first question prospective students often ask us is “Can I get a job?” As a career school, making certain our students are ready to work is our number on goal. However, it goes beyond just our training. We are constantly monitoring the job market and working with employers to better understand the type of careers that our students can pursue. We align our courses with the needs of employers, and we help match graduates with the right job.

Medical Assistant Positions Available

A quick search for Medical Assistant positions on returns nearly 250 opportunities. Just phlebotomist? More than 50 positions. Of course, Indeed is just one piece of the puzzle, but it’s great snapshot at your potential options.

Digging deeper into Maine’s economy, according to a recent study by the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and Educate Maine, the need for healthcare jobs will continue to rise in Maine. Let’s take a closer look.

The first piece to consider is that while healthcare jobs require an important skillset, many do no require 4-year college degrees. Even if you are interested in earning an advanced degree in the medical field, specifically nursing, you may be faced with full courses and long wait lists. We’ve heard this from many of our students who simply cannot wait that long to get started.

The Employers’ Dilemma

It’s certainly an interesting dilemma. Think of it from the employer side: the positions are open, but the skilled workers aren’t available. They’re ready to hire. Along with the stats we noted from Indeed, annually in Maine, employers are looking to fill more than 450 medical assistant positions. You could be ready for one of those jobs. And, if you start your career with a company, you may have an opportunity for additional training with them and the chance to move to a higher paying job. Overall, there are projected to be about 5,800 annual openings in Maine in the health care sector, with an average salary of about $65,000.

You may have heard reports of stagnant job growth predicted for Maine, but you have to look beyond the headlines. And, when you look closer, you realize that you have options. When it’s your time, we encourage you to contact us to start your new career in the healthcare field.