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Availability of Employees for Information Dissemination Purposes

Northeast Technical Institute is required to designate an employee or department to assist enrolled or prospective students in obtaining pertinent information related to academic programs, school policies/procedures, enrollment statistics, retention statistics, graduation rates, demographic data related to the student population, campus safety and summary of financial information and financial aid information. Information may be obtained online at, or by contacting:

Admissions Department
51 US Route 1
Suite K
Scarborough, ME
TEL: 207.883.5130
Email: Admissions Staff

Other employees, such as admissions advisors and financial aid counselors may also provide information regarding their specific areas of responsibility. If a student needs a paper copy of information, he/she may contact the office of admissions, financial aid, or the office of the Registrar for assistance.
The contact information for each staff member and their department can be found on the NTI staff directory in the Student Catalog and Handbook.